Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shutterfly...or Snapfish...or Picasa...

Eek, I'm waffling on my chosen photo website.

I've kept all of the 6000+ (I know, a bit excessive) photos of Baby over these last eleven months on Snapfish. I don't dislike Snapfish, but I'm always open for a bargain or a time-saver. Last month, I signed up for several photo websites to get free prints, and found that Shutterfly will actually type something I request on the back of the prints - like Baby's name and age. Do you have any idea how much of a time saver that is???? Problem is - there's a million other pictures of Baby on Snapfish. I've been on Shutterfly's website most of the morning, and I'm getting more and more won over by the moment. They have this new "share site" feature, where you basically create a website for your family where you can store your photos, which seems a little more user-friendly than viewing photo albums through Snapfish. But then there's also Picasa, which I've heard is pretty cool, too, so I guess I might check that out this afternoon and see which I prefer. Then the big dilemma will be: to move or not move the old pictures. Yikes. Talk about a huge project.


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