Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for June 15th

Wow, it's already the middle of June. How did that happen? How did it get to be 90 outside? Man, summers in Florida are tough. The other thing that's tough about summertime is sticking to your meal plan, at least it is in our house.

We did horribly last week, between last minute things coming up and such, so much so that I didn't make anything new last week, so I've rescheduled the rest of the month to fit in the two new dishes i planned for last week - you'll see one of them this week. I'm really excited about it too - it's Teriyaki Chicken Lo Mein. The recipe sounds ridiculously easy to put to together, so I'm hoping it will be a total smash. I'll be making that tonight and posting the recipe.

I'll be trying two other new recipes this week: skillet steak fajitas and drunken steak. We don't normally eat so much beef in one week, but this weekend will be Father's Day, and I know how Husband loves steak, so I'm trying to treat him a bit. I'll also be baking at least once if not twice this week. So far, I plan to bake some brown sugar cookies in the next day or so, and may bake a cake for Father's Day, too, so stay tuned!!

Here's the official menu for the week:
Monday - Teriyaki Chicken Lo Mein
Tuesday - Pancakes
Wednesday - Skillet Steak Fajitas (stay tuned for the recipe!)
Thursday - Spaghetti
Friday - Burgers
Saturday - Glazed Pork Chops
Sunday - Drunken Steak (stay tuned for the recipe!)

So what's on your menu this week? What are you cooking for Father's Day? Make sure to share it with the Org Junkie, the world's best source for tons and tons of menus and recipes.


ModernMom said...

I'll be coming back to take a look at that drunken steak!

kyooty said...

oh yummy!
This week is a bit of a mix and match week. I just blew 146.00 at the store I didn't want o shop inbecause the store I wanted was closed for the day.
I did buy me some broccoli to steam :) said...

Sounds good...I really need to start planning my menus for the week better. I know this is a great way to help reduce grocery spending too...having a plan for the week for meals!

Nerdy Jess said...

Yum yum yum! I love to see peoples meal plan! I keep my RSS Calendar on the side bar up to date with my meal plan.

Julie said...

I made your buttermilk pancakes this weekend. I had almost a whole quart of buttermilk leftover from making banana nut bread, so I wanted to use it up and I remembered your recipe. Oh. My. Gosh. They are AWESOME!! It made too much for just me and hubby so I put the rest in the freezer for a quick breakfast. Thanks for posting! They're awesome! I will DEFINITELY make them in the future!

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