Friday, July 3, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday: The He's Home Edition

I know, I took last week off from writing about how my husband rocks, but I'm back this week. Husband came home last night from his work trip, and appears to be home for (seemingly) a while, which is a super relief. I hate when he's traveling. Although, when he's traveling, it often makes me realize how much he does to help me out. Baby's been difficult, though, so it's been hard to keep a level head and not be upset that I've been dealing with him all on my own.

So, why does my husband rock this week? Well, my house is in need of a serious deep clean, which is really hard to do when you've got a baby like mine, who is horribly desperate for you to watch him do everything (not to mention who finds ways to get into trouble in perfectly babyproofed areas). Baby gets awfully upset if I step away from him to dust an end table or wipe off a counter. He's a smidge impatient (wonder where he got that from...). So today, Husband is going to take the little munchkin off my hands - at least for the morning. I will get to attempt to pretend that I am not a mommy for a few hours so I can clean my house the way it needs to be cleaned. Now that's not to say that Baby will be onboard with this plan. He will probably scream and wail, but I plan to put on some headphones and to try to not let it upset me if he cries when I leave him alone with his dad to scrub the toilet. I mean, seriously, I almost think I'd rather be with my tempermental toddler than to scrub my toilet, but I know it needs to be done. If only I could afford a cleaning person, that would be so ridiculously awesome. I think I'm going to ask for one for Christmas, actually.

So, dear readers, what did your husbands or boyfriends or significant others do this week to endear themselves to you? Or what did they do to get into the doghouse? Tell me all about it, and don't forget you can join in on the My Husband Rocks Friday fun over at The Great Adventure.


Ms Cupcake said...

Glad to hear your hubby is on his way home in time for the weekend.

Morning! Now following your blog.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Cupcake
Zen Cupcake

Brenda said...

Love your blog, got here by VGNO. I don't know if really late (friday morning here) or if real early:) The best thing my husband did this week, was hold me in a great big hug, when i got the news that my uncle passed away. He's also real good with taking the kids out, when he knows i need a break (from cleaning house). Come see my blog at

Gena said...

Don't you just hate when they're gone. Ollie is on his 9 month job, he's barely been gone, and I miss him already. I am ready for his weekend off at the end of the month already.

He is generally sweet to me. Sometimes he slips and shows out, but overall I can't complain.

Sorry you have to do your own cleaning. Me, too.

Anonymous said...

I miss my hubby. He's away at school and yesterday was our anniversary.
With him away I realize how much I really rely on him. I don't have much family, and he is my rock. It's lonely without him.

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