Friday, July 31, 2009

But Mommy's Isn't Ready for Just One Nap...

Baby is almost eighteen months old now, and it's becoming painfully clear to me that he's ready to go down to just one nap a day. From what I've read, he's at the bottom end of the spectrum, and some kids as young as twelve months old make that transition. I think the reason Baby hasn't is because he wakes up so ridiculously early (for instance, he was up and babbling at 6 this morning), but that's because he gets so much sleep during the day.

The thing is, I kind of need that me-time for my sanity. Even if I'm cleaning during all of my baby-free time, it's still baby-free time. And going down to one nap is definitely going to lessen the amount of baby-free time I get. This is kind of not cool with me, I'm embarrassed to say. I'm so selfish!

Over the last week, I've been experimenting with the napping - laying him down some days for a morning nap to see what I happens. Does he fall asleep? Does he just have some peaceful quiet time? It's been a mixed bag. Some days, he has fallen asleep. Some days, he just cuddles with his blanket and rolls around.

So peaceful when he's sleeping...though he's only pretending in this picture

I don't remember having such a hard time giving up the third nap, way back when. Maybe I was still so sleep-deprived then that I didn't quite realize what I was giving up. Don't get me wrong, I will do what's best for Baby...just begrudgingly. And it will take some serious getting used to. I'm usually counting down the minutes to his morning nap, because I'm tired in the morning and because I'm not as much fun in the morning, so Baby is more prone to getting frustrated with me. Just because I don't wake up all perky and happy like the DJ on Yo Gabba Gabba. (BTW, that show is really kind of creepy, but Baby loves it, on the rare occasion that I turn on the TV. He sees Brobee and just starts flailing his arms around. Hilarious.)

So I think perhaps today will be our last 2 nap day for a long time, and only because our furniture salesperson screwed up setting up our delivery window for today for our new bedroom furniture (yay!). Au revoir to you, Morning Nap. You have been so wonderful for so long, you will certainly be missed.


Sandra Winn said...

Boy, do I feel you! My first child took two naps a day until he was almost three and slept through the night. My second, on the hand, catnapped throughout the day (about 3 times) and by the time she was 1...maybe, if I was lucky, she'd lie down for one. Shortly thereafter even the one time went away.

The picture of your baby "pretending" to sleep is precious!

Have a good night ~ Sandy

Robin said...

Just popping in from SITS....

Yeah, I remember those days....trying to get my two down for a second nap. I gave up and would just do the house work and yard with one in a play pen and one strapped to my back. It was so good to get them into school. :-)

Hope you and yours have had a beautiful weekend

Faith- Inspired Designs by Faith said...

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Colleen said...

I loved it when they just started taking one nap (I actually pushed my kids to do it around 8 months) because:

1) Everyone would nap/rest at the same time so we could go out and do things in the morning

2) They would take one LONG nap instead of two short ones so I could get more accomplished

3) They would go to bed earlier.

Our schedule is wake up around 6:30, naps at 11:30 (usually until around 2) and then bedtime at 7. Works for us, and I hope you find what works for you :)

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