Friday, July 10, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday: The Painting Edition

I know you all realize that my husband totally rocks at this point - I mean, I've been blogging about him for several weeks now. Yesterday, though, he reminded me of one really good reason why he rocks: he paints.

When we moved into our house (our very first house) six years ago, the colors on the walls were hideous. Various shades of Pepto-Bismal pink (and I'm a fan of pink), blood red in one of the bedrooms, and hideous wallpaper in various formations throughout the house.

See? I'm not kidding!

My husband, patient man that he is, tore down three layers of poorly hung wallpaper in my kitchen, and wallpaper borders in just about every other room of the house (except the bathrooms, we haven't tackled those yet). And he did it, mostly, with a smile. Meanwhile, I went to Home Depot, and picked out pretty, pretty colors to go on the walls. A light sage green in the dining room, a nice pale blue in the bedroom, a nice pale yellow in the guest room, pale pink in the "third" bedroom (it's attached to the master, so it's not really a separate bedroom), and I completely forget what color we painted the living room, but the kitchen would be blue. I did most of the painting, while Husband steamed and tore and peeled at the darn wallpaper. I was glad I wasn't doing the wallpaper work. I was so proud when we were done. Doing all that work really made it feel like our house.

But then, not too long before I got pregnant, while Husband was out of town, I decided I hated most of the paint in the house. (I guess I was pre-hormonal or something.) I took myself back over to Home Depot, picked out a bunch of paint, and brought home several gallons. I painted most of the bedroom (while not moving the furniture) a deep tan color called Stone Brown, I painted the living room Washed Denim (which was not as dark a blue as it sounds), and I painted the dining room a deeper shade of green. Husband of course came home and was confused, but amused by my painting project. He helped me move the rest of the bedroom furniture so I could finish painting.

But the paint doesn't end there! Nope, while I was about seven months pregnant and away on a business trip, Husband painted Baby's room the exact shade of blue to match the wallpaper border we planned to put up in there. I know, I'm fully against wallpaper...except in kids' rooms. Borders can look kind of cute, I think. He not only painted the whole room, including the closet door and doors to the room, but he also put the wallpaper up. Very impressive. He also painted the master bedroom the shade of brown I'd bought for the guest bedroom a while back, which I'd been wanting to do. How awesome is that?

Unfortunately for us, that's not all. We decided after Baby was born that we needed to look into selling our house and getting something larger, just before the housing market totally fell apart. Our realtor took one look at the house and insisted we paint the blue living room and kitchen and green dining room a more neutral beige. We obliged, even though we had a baby to take care of, and painted during naptimes for a whole weekend and managed to do it. Phew.

Husband has been my painting slave over these last six years, either prepping walls for painting or doing the painting himself, and yesterday, when I put our brand new duvet set on the bed and realized we were going to need to paint the bedroom a lighter color to match, I was a little afraid to tell him. I'm happy to do it, but I didn't want to hear the griping about just having painted the room last year. So I told him over dinner, while he had a happy, full belly, and what did he say?

"Honey, I'll paint it, it's no big deal."

See? This is a wonderful man, and I'm very lucky. Plus, he's also letting me go out tonight for a girls' night out at the best pizza place in town (I'm so looking forward to it!). Don't forget, you can share about how awesome your husband is to and join in the My Husband Rocks Friday fun over at The Great Adventure. Happy Friday all!


Anonymous said...

Your husband does rock!!! I hate painting!!

kyooty said...

excellent example of husband rockage!! :)

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