Thursday, July 9, 2009

Personal Training: Day Four

I've been having bad dreams about our personal training sessions. Namely, that our trainer makes us do ridiculous crunches for an hour straight. After having Baby (and via C-section, of course), I have absolutely zero abdominal muscles. Not that I'm entirely sure I ever really had them before, but after the C-section, they're definitely history. I'm so afraid of when we work on our abs, and surely that day will come, because I'm going to crap out after like two crunches. I will probably collapse on the floor and not be able to move for the rest of the hour.

Fortunately, today's session was not abs. Phew. We worked on our arms today, and apparently my arms are also weaklings. I had a tough time keeping "good form" while we did free weights, and I was using some pretty wimpy weights, so it's not like I was lifting 50 pounds or anything. Somehow, I did survive the session, full of bicep this and tricep that and shoulder this. We only used one weight machine during the whole session, so it was a lot of free weights. No, wait, I take that back, we used two machines - one delt press do-da and one machine that seemed like a reimagined rowing machine. I think the hardest thing was holding a weight above and behind my head and then bending my elbows to stretch (I think) my triceps). That was really, really tough for me. My trainer kept saying that pretty soon that kind of stretch will be easy to me, but I find that a little hard to believe, given how out of shape I apparently am. On the bright side, the evil step box did not make an appearance today, which was a welcome change after two sessions getting up close and personal with that evil thing.

I'm a little scared as to how my arms are going to feel tomorrow... When I picked Baby up from the nursery on my way out of the gym, it wasn't like I couldn't lift him, but my arms got tired of carrying him a lot sooner than usual. I'm sure that's just a small taste of how I'll feel tomorrow. Yikes.


kyooty said...

Go you! only 3 more days and you can call it a week!! wow! I'd still be home crying from day 1.

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