Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Personal Training: Day Five...and then some

Boy was I relieved today that my arms got a day off - we worked our legs today.

Even though this was my fifth personal training session, it still felt pretty hard. We did some work on the evil box again, and added a new evil apparatus to our repertoire: the table. Think about the box, add about a foot of height to it, and that's what the table looks like. Yikes. We've seen very fit young men use the table in their exercise routines, mainly to jump right up onto it, like it's nothing, but what we did was very different. We treated it just like the box, and did step ups onto it, though vastly slower than we do on the box. It took a lot out of me.

Rumor is, we're doing arms again on Thursday. I'm totally not looking forward to it because of how sore I was for four days thereafter. Not to mention how wimpy I felt. I'm so surprised that my arms are so pathetic, given that I lug Baby around every day, and I found out yesterday at the pediatrician that he weighs a whopping 27 pounds now. And how did I find that out?

Well, it's Baby's second ear infection in about a month. He's been completely disinterested in food, save for yogurt (occasionally) and Cheerios the last few days, and he did the same thing before the last ear infection. So, I called the pediatrician yesterday, and discovered that indeed, he has another ear infection. I'm trying hard not to freak out about the fact that he's now had two of them in quick succession of each other, but I'm not doing a very good job so far...obviously, since I'm writing about it. I truly hope it's just a fluke and not a sign of things to come. Regardless, I'm glad we caught it before it got as bad as the one did, and that he's on the road to recovery before he gets too grumpy.

In brighter news, I made my first visit to our local IKEA store this weekend with a good friend of mine, and all I can say is wow. It was kind of overwhelming, between the herd of people that you got swept into as soon as you got into the store and the ridiculous size of the place. It was, as my friend said, kind of like going to Disney World. There was just so much to take in. And lots of it was freaking gorgeous. Lots of it was a bit too modern for my taste, but I still absolutely enjoyed the trip. And one more BTW, don't order things from IKEA's website. Shipping is killer. There was a comforter I really liked that they didn't have in the size I wanted, so I attempted to order it online...until I saw that shipping would cost me $20. Seriously??? Is it coming direct from Sweden??? Needless to say, I didn't complete the order. But, at the same time, I don't think you can go to IKEA to pick up just one thing, so I also haven't headed back to IKEA yet, especially since they surely don't have it back in stock yet.


Kaylen said...

Oh-I just took a friend to Ikea for her first time!
The secret is to go late on a weekday!! There was hardly anyone there when we went. I can't go there at all on a weekend, that place is a MADHOUSE. It's very intimidating.

Christy said...

You LIVE in Tampa?! Oh I am most jealous right now. Check out my sidebar for a post titled I Love Florida - we went to Anna Maria Island for a vacation in May and I fell in love. (I'm a Gator - grad school - but hadn't been back to FL since.)

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