Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Personal Training Day Nine: Jane Fonda Reincarnate?

Phew, training today was tough. We always do a lower body workout on Tuesdays, and it's always way more cardio-intense than our Thursday workout. Between the fact that we had the evil box and the table to step up and down on today, it was a miracle I didn't fall off anything. But, even without falling off anything, I seem to have hurt myself a little.

By the end of our hard-core workout, I had one last thing to do - my second visit with the evil box for the day. Our trainer was having us do the little 80's skip-hop up and down over the box, which we've done several times now, but the first time I tried to do it, something about my left ankle felt a little wrong, so I did it again, and it felt worse. A third time proved not to be the charm, so I pulled my trainer aside and told her that I surely wasn't wimping out, but that my ankle didn't seem to be onboard with the idea of doing the box. No problem, says my trainer. You can skip in place.

Skip in place? Oh yes. I felt oh-so-eighties, like I needed a big, thick sweat headband and striped leotard, skipping back in forth in place for thirty seconds, for three sets. In fact...speaking of which, it made me feel like I was in this iconic video, which I only vaguely remember from the 80's...

Go to about 5:25 in this video, and that's pretty similar to what I was doing instead of the evil box. It was super fun. I felt like the world's biggest dork, doing that, but oh well, because my ankle really does seem to be hurt. It's still awfully sore to walk on, and I'm just hoping it will be better in the morning, because I was hoping to go back to the Y for some basic cardio in the morning. Yikes!


Sarahlcc said...

Ewww! I remember my Mommy doing something similar......I'm into The Firm DVD's. I tried the gym for a while, but I'm a loner, plus I actually have to drive somewhere to go to the gym, wagging along little kids, then they shut down the day care!!! That did it, workout DVD's for me.

Sarahlcc said...

grabbing your button.......it says something true about me as well. :-) Have a great day.

Moms Fighting Fat said...

Oh. My. Gawd. LOL, I used to do Jane Fonda as a teenager! Thanks for the not so "fonda" memories.

Do you remember 'The 20 Minute Workout', it was a very popular exercise show in the 80s. Sometimes I could barely get in a good workout because I was LMAO over the "sex" look the instructors gave the cameras. Why did they do that? I'm not a man for cryin' out loud...stop looking at me like that!

Hugs ~ Sandy

href="http://www.momsfightingfat.com/2009/07/weightloss-setbacks-miss-piggy-is-in.html">Weightloss Setbacks: Miss Piggy in the House

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Dreamgirl said...

LOL... clear the floor!

Just dropping by from SITS wishing you a Happy Wednesday and letting you know that I'm giving away a subscription to House Beautiful Magazine at www.sweeterliving.blogspot.com

ModernMom said...

LOL Grab some ice baby! Hope that ankle feels better.

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