Sunday, December 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for December 14th

I'm hoping this will be a fun week - I turn 29 on Saturday, and I'm hoping that the Dinner Fairy will arrange to take me out to dinner. I sure don't plan to cook on my birthday. Usually, for my birthday and other various happy occasions, we go to my favorite Japanese restaurant, Kado, which serves traditional teppanyaki cuisine. It's my absolute favorite (hint-hint).

Monday - Buttermilk Waffles
Tuesday - Beef Teriyaki
Wednesday - Spaghetti and Garlic Knots
Thursday - BBQ Chicken on Garlic Toast
Friday - Glazed Pork Chops
Saturday - My birthday - NO COOKING!!
Sunday - Apple Maple Glazed Chicken (new recipe to be posted!)


SnoWhite said...

I LOVE garlic knots -- thanks for the recipes.

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