Monday, May 11, 2009

Menu Plan for Monday May 11th

Yikes, how did Monday sneak up on me again? Time for some menu planning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day, I know I did. Husband was so sweet with the presents he got me (books!), and even made his very own homemade gift bag for one of the presents that he felt he couldn't wrap (a cookie scoop). Check it out! He's so crafty!It had a totally flat bottom and everything! It sure explains why he disappeared for an hour Saturday night while I cleaned the top of my fridge. He's such a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping presents.

It's not a super-exciting menu week, we've got a lot of our family schedule for the week, so it will be a busy one, so the menu is a little simple this week. But it will be yummy simple, that's the important part. I will be posting three recipes this week: Beef teriyaki, Barbecue chicken fajitas, and homemade shrimp scampi, so make sure to come back to visit me later in the week to check out the recipes.

Monday - Waffles
Tuesday - Spaghetti
Wednesday - Awesome chicken cutlets
Thursday - Beef teriyaki (not a new recipe, but I'll be posting the recipe anyway!)
Friday - Barbecue chicken fajitas (a new recipe)
Saturday - Homemade shrimp scampi (a new recipe)
Sunday - Steak and baked potatoes

What's on your menu this week? Make sure to share it with Org Junkie, who hosts hundreds upon hundreds of bloggers' meal plans every week.


Margo said...

Hurray for books! And a cookie scoop! I was definitely thinking yesterday, while making pudding cookies, that a scoop would be an excellent thing to have. With all of the baking you do, though, I'm kind of surprised that you didn't already have one... lol. I figured that would be a staple in your home. :)

Elizabeth said...

Stopping by from SITS! Waffles sound yummy :)

~Sandy~ said...

i am very impressed by the bag he made!!!! hope you had a wonderful mother's day :O)

Kristin said...

Wow, your husband eats goooooooooooood! Methinks my hubs would be pretty jealous of this menu plan! Ah ha

Sherry said...

How nice of your hub to do those wonderful things on mother's day! I really need cookie scoop! menu sound good!

Sherry said...

I know I've already commented on your menu, but I am commenting back, bc of the comment you left me about my ikea post, The Ikea I went to was the one in Tampa, LOL SMALL world! I live about 45 mins north of it, and its worth the trip!!

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