Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teething troubles

Yikes, it looks like Baby's got another molar coming in, if not two. He's got the bottom two molars in already, and he didn't seem too bothered by them. The new one(s) that's coming in though had his nose running and his eyes watering, and his fingers constantly jammed in his mouth yesterday. Not only that, but he was downright pissy yesterday.

Every little thing that went wrong, whether it was a toy that took more than a millisecond to do what Baby wanted it to do or if he would get into things he's not supposed to (i.e. touching the TV), he would have an all-out "I'm dying" crying fit. It was awful. I felt horrible, because I was really letting all the crying get to me. I felt kind of helpless. Like no matter what I did, he was going to cry his head off. I don't think I've felt that frutsrated and helpless since Baby was a newborn, and would cry constantly for no known reason.

It didn't help matters much that he barely napped at all yesterday, I'm presuming because he was so worked up and uncomfortable. He had a rough time falling asleep last night, but I didn't hear him cry throughout the night at all, so I think he did okay. I hope so. Regardless, I think I'm taking him to the pediatrician this morning. He was just so totally not himself yesterday. It worried me a bit.

We went to his Fun for Ones class at the YMCA, to get out of the house and because I thought maybe that would cheer him up (boy was I incredibly wrong). He just stood around the gym watching the other kids play. He didn't even want to play with the bubbles at the end of class. I'm almost certain all that's going on is his teeth, but I think I would like the assurance the pediatrician can give me that he's perfectly fine and will recover from this teething incident shortly. Who knows, maybe I'll get Baby out of his crib this morning, and he'll be back to normal. I'm so canceling the pediatrician appointment, if that's the case. I'm pretty sure that I'm not that lucky. Stay tuned!


Margo said...

Ouch. Poor guy. We are having the same problem with molars here. Hyland's teething tabs are the only thing that helps. That, and the occasional freeze pop. Hope he feels better soon!

kyooty said...

I hope it's something as easy as teething. He might have allergies too and have boogers that are driving him crazy, my boys seem to get out of sorts for stuff like that.

Amy said...

Teething can be a pain for sure. The fingers in the mouth and the tears and the messy diapers. I think we still have some time before our molars come in. Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great day. Hope you come by again.

Mrs. C said...

I have a little something for you on my blog..you know...just a little award!

Kristin said...

Dude.I'm SO there right now. He's working on his 5th tooth right now and not liking it a bit!

A Psych Mommy said...

Awww, poor lil' guy! My son hasn't started teething yet, but from what I heard, it's not fun! I hope he feels better soon!

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