Friday, May 8, 2009

My husband rocks!

Have you ever heard of My Husband Rocks Fridays (also known as MHR Fridays)? I happened to come across it last weekend, hosted over at The Great Adventure, and wrote it on my calendar to make sure I celebrated it this week, because my husband does indeed rock. Note to husband: I am not doing this just because I know you're finally reading my blog again.

So let's see - why does my husband rock this week? The most immediate example that comes to mind is that my husband sat through (as he does religiously now) two whole episodes of "America's Next Top Model" last night. Not only that, but he enjoys it. He hollers out "Tyra Mail" in a geeky voice when the girls get a note from Tyra.
He's always rooting for the underdog girls (or in this season, the one girl who had a tie to NASCAR, Kortnie, who is apparently an ex of Dale Earnhardt Jr.). It's just so sweet. Not only that, but he thanks me for making dinner. For doing my job as a wife. And even when it's something as no-frills as pancakes, he always makes a big deal about it like it's some kind of five-course gourmet meal. He makes me feel good. Can't beat that!

To read more stories of rockin' husbands, visit the My Husband Rocks blogroll, and don't forget to join in!


Colleen said...

So cute! I love when my husband watches a girly show or movie with me. The other day, he walked in while I was watching Private Practice, and asked what he had missed!

Katy Lin :) said...

Awesome! :) i love it when the get into the things we love just bc we love them :) - thanks for joining MHR Fridays! you're officially blogrolled!

Mrs. C said...

That's so sweet! Don't you love when your husband watches the chick shows with you?

My hubby watches the hills with me and asks me questions to get everything straight. It's so cute. He'll even do the gasp when some major drama happens!!

Cher said...

Yaa! I love being thanked for making dinner. makes it worth it. Thanks for letting me know you posted! LOVE IT!

sistersledgekws said...

I love America's Top Model. I haven't been able to watch lately.
Chatty Kathy

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