Friday, May 15, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday: The I'm-a-Brat Edition

To be honest, I'm not as psyched today about posting about how much my husband rocks. While he does in fact rock, this week I'm not his biggest fan. His work has kind of taken him over this week, and every time he's home, it's like he's a book on loan from the library. Like he's not entirely mine. He's been working late most nights, and then staying up late after I go to bed to work some more from home. Seriously. I hate this. I totally understand that it's necessary, it's part of his line of work, but at the same time, it infuriates me and frustrates me to no end. Intellectually, I know that he's ultimately doing all of this for his family, to provide for us. But that doesn't stop me from being petty and selfish and wanting him to come home at the same time every night and all that.

I think the thing that really gets me is that I don't feel like he feels conflicted about the working late - like that he doesn't mind that it takes him away from his family. I know those feelings aren't productive, but they would at least tell me that his family is still important to him. We hashed all this out this week (again), and I told him that, and he told me that of course we're important to him. That he'd much rather be home with us than at work. But that he feels like those feelings don't do him any good, so he doesn't give them a voice. I told him that it'd be nice to hear it every now and again.

So, I guess the reason my husband rocks this week is because he puts up with my selfish demands on his time, and my dramatic sighs and eye rolling when he tells me he has to work late. He rocks because he doesn't get upset that I'm upset with something that he can't really change - he understands my frustration and does sweet things like pour me a glass of soda while I put Baby to bed so I can sit and relax when I'm done. I really don't deserve him.

So tell me, does your husband rock? Don't forget, you can join in on the My Husband Rocks Friday fun over at The Great Adventure.


Margo said...

I definitely understand how difficult it can be to have him so involved with work. Mark has been asked to work a few weekends, and while I appreciate the extra pay it brings, I miss him when he is not here. It's so much harder when you have a child to take care of, too. A lot more stressful sometimes, I think. It seems like we married them to spend time with them. If we wanted just someone to provide money, and not time, we would have found ourselves rich husbands. We wouldn't have even had to like them. We could have been gold diggers... ;)

On the other hand, though, I spend most of my time over the weekends locked in the bedroom trying to get work done, and there are some weekends where I don't get a lot of time to hang out with him. And I know that it really bothers him, probably more than it bothers me. But he has the option (and he definitely uses it often) of coming in with Becca to interrupt me every couple of hours. And then he wonders why I get no work done...

kyooty said...

Messengers, can you send him messages at work? or just get aphone call or is it the kind of work that has him untouchable? I find that having my hubbie at my fingertips makes those late nights or unpaid overtime on the weekends feeling like he's less far away from us.
Sometimes just a (K) emoticon can mean the world. you know like they are suffering without us? hehe

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