Friday, May 29, 2009

My husband rocks Friday

Wow, hard to believe it's Friday again already - and not, at the same time. It's been a kind of long week over here in no-Husband land. I think I've got at least one more Friday before he's back in town, and wow, we're really starting to miss him over here. Sure, sometimes it's nice to get to be alone after putting Baby to bed - you know, have some calm, quiet time - but night after night, it gets kind of old. Not to mention that when there's no one else around to help me with Baby (and he's awfully demanding right now), it kind of takes a lot out of me. It takes some serious energy to not just go to bed when he goes to bed.

Anyway, it's hard to have good MHR stories when Husband's away. So that forces me to rely on what few memory cells I have left, with my mommy brain, and recall some incident where he rocked. The one that stands out to me this morning is that this man changes the cat litter. Always.
I think it kind of started with my pregnancy - when women aren't supposed to be near cat litter for fear of some kind of gross cat-related disease. I seem to recall taking turns (sort of) with the cat litter. But then, I got pregnant, and Husband was on kitty litter duty. And it's not like we have the kind of cats who can have their litter changed every other day - no, we have prissy cats. They need daily litter changes. Fun stuff. To this day, Husband changes the cat litter every morning when he's home. No complaints, he just does it. Then, when Husband goes out of town, I have to deal with it, and I get grumpy about it, because I have somehow turned into my mother. My mother has always said to me "Rather have a kid" when I complain about my neurotic animals. Well, I've finally joined her, at least when it comes to the cats. I love our cats, don't get me wrong, but definitely in a different, more mellow way now that I have a child. Maybe it's because Baby doesn't puke all over the house like the cats do. Those cats could make having hairballs and vomiting Olympic sport - it's awful. Husband generally cleans up all of those messes when he's home too. How awesome is that?

I never thought little things like that would impress me, but they do - especially since I can't seem to perform any of those tasks without at least some complaining. Shocking, I know. I'm counting down the days before I can relinquish these lovely duties back to Husband for a while.

Hey, you cat mommies - do you have an electric litter box? You know, the kind that cleans up after your cat for you? Does it work well? Would you recommend them? We've thought about them several times, but not knowing anyone who has one, we're not sure they're worth the hefty price tag, so tell me what you think!


Margo said...

I have used the electric cat boxes before. They aren't bad, but they get jammed awful easily. And some cats don't like the sound.

Mark does a lot of the less desirable chores here, too. Like the garbage. I would absolutely be lost without him. Hopefully your husband gets to come home soon.

kyooty said...

We have the electric litter box but we don't use it! it got jammed and scared the cat too much. we still use the "box" but not the electric removing of poo/pee thing. Also the cat?she is a evil little thign. I LOVE her but oh she's bad! when she doesn't get her own way or we do something tiny that we don't even know she's done? she'll find a nice clean pile of laundry to leave packages on! GRRRRRR!I love her, it's her Birthday thsi weekend, but I don't "like" the way she acts. how's that for cat mommy?
Oh and Hubbie has kitty Duty!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I have an awesome husband too, but we no longer have our kitty. *sigh* I miss her too!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Lizzie said...

that is awesome! hope he is home to you soon :)

Mrs. M said...

Hi there-I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award! Come over and check it out :)

Kristin said...

NO WAY. I have to tell the hubs about this. Totally started when I was preggers,continued with my breast feeding and now he still does it! Your husband rocks and so does mine. Not too many men would be willing do kitty duty, especially when we don't have an excuse not to anymore!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

I've heard of too many cats are scared of the noise. Our cats are so similar - we have a tuxedo cat and orange striped cat. The orange one is terrified of his own shadow and I'm pretty sure the sound of a noisy litter box would have him nervous forever.

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