Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swim diapers suck

Today was our first trip to the local spray park for "spray-ground" - well, not entirely local, it's in the next city over, but it wasn't too bad of a drive. Baby had an awesome time there, but dear old me here got quite a bit flustered before we even managed to make it to the car. Only I can master such an amazing feat.

When Baby woke up from his morning nap, I dressed him in his swim attire, so that we could hit the road right after we were done with his quick snack. He had on his swim diaper, swim trunks, and his rashguard shirt, and I parked him in his high chair for his snack of a little yogurt smoothie and some yogurt nibbles. He did great with his snack and seemed perfectly content when he signed "all done" to me repeatedly. So, I cleaned up and then unbuckled him. When I scooped him out of his high chair, I realized that the back of him was sopping wet. He was soaked.

Best I can tell, he must have peed, and the swim diaper didn't actually absorb any of it, so it must have gushed right up his back. The back of his swim trunks were soaked through, and at least half of the back of his rashguard was dripping. Lovely. So, I had to rush him back into his room, attempt to track down another pair of swim trunks and a rashguard that fit (I didn't do so hot there) and change him. Then I rush him out to the car, to get ready to leave, only to remember that I forgot his swim shoes.

So we rush back inside and get his swim shoes, and then high tail it back to the car. Baby was positively mismatched with his lime green rashguard and kelly green swim trunks, but he did have a great time at the spray park. At first, he was a little bewildered by the water, water everywhere, but ultimately, he had a great time picking up all of the buckets and and filling them up.

Phew. Now I need a nap, too. The heat out there was killer.


Together We Save said...

Oh the splash park. How fun. Sorry you did not have good luck with the swim diaper.

Anonymous said...

I used a swim diaper for my son in a pinch when I ran out of diapers. might as well have left him naked.

ModernMom said...

Oh My! So much work! I bet your babe appreciated it. What a good Mama.

Ann said...

I'm exhausted just from reading your preparation for the pool!

Ah, I remember those days. (My girls are 8 & 11 now. I would actually like to go back to "swim diaper days" ;-> )

Kristin said...

Where is this??

Misty said...

just so you know, swim diapers don't collect pee...just poo. Yeah, that was a fun learning experience I have. And now, I hate to go to the pool with my kiddos, because I know I'm swimming in everyone elses pee. Though I did get a cloth diaper swim diaper last year and it rocked. Diaperaps!

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