Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baking Day

Today has been awfully productive thus far - I have baked a double-batch of brownies and a double-batch of banana crumb muffins are in the oven right now. The best part is that the muffins are actually quite healthful. The brownies, not so much, but they taste darn good! It's the brownie recipe I grew up with, which I listed in an earlier entry. They totally rock.

Baby and I went to Story Time this morning at Barnes and Noble, which was fun. Baby got a chance to play with some other kids at the Thomas the Train set up in the kids' section, also, which he always enjoys. After Story Time, we drove by Denny's, since they were offering a free Grand Slam until 2 pm today, but the line was huge and out the door, so we didn't stop. Instead, we went to a nearby produce stand that advertises that they sell 4 lb of bananas for $1. We got bananas, for our muffins, and some "fresh" corn on the cob - we'll see how that turns out, because I'm a bit of a corn on the cob connoisseur. We stopped by Publix for eggs and a super deal on Earth's Best baby food (BOGO plus a $1 off coupon for every 10 jars purchased), and I peeked in the produce section - bananas were 69 cents a pound. I saved a bundle!

PS - Baby is peacefully taking his afternoon nap today, despite yesterday's nap drama. Phew!


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