Friday, February 13, 2009

What's for dinner?

On tonight's menu, we've got chicken fingers and honey mustard dipping sauce. Yum! I'm just debating as to what I will do with the breadcrumb situation. See, I don't have a food processor, which is what's required to make things like breadcrumbs from scratch. And that's the tastiest way to have things like chicken fingers, crab cakes, and the like. I used to have a Mini Prep food processor, which worked fine for the most part, before I really got into cooking, but it's died. :( So, I either need to experiment and see if my blender will do the trick (I'm thinking it will more puree the bread than chop it), buy a food processor (which my husband would kill me for), or just use Panko (which is a distant last choice). Hmmm...we'll see, I guess.


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