Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little boys and their toys

So, today, Baby and I went to Once Upon a Child to turn in his portable swing that he really only used one time. We were able to get $15 for it, which was nice, and we found Baby's new favorite toy - a Playskool yellow school bus, which happens to be soft and squishy. He loves the darn thing, and sobbed his head off when I had to take it out of his hand for a moment to buckle him in his car seat. We went to TJ Maxx to tool around a little after that, and I let him play with the bus while we walked around there, but in the childrens' section, I heard the bus fall. But I couldn't find it! I looked under the stroller - nope. Under Baby - nope. I tried to backtrack - nope. Then I finally thought about looking under the racks where we were standing when I heard the "thunk", and sure enough, there it was. Phew! That was a close one. Baby was awfully mad during the mad searching, too.


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