Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday cake madness begins!

For whatever reason, I decided this morning that I needed to get started with the baking festivities for this weekend's first birthday for Baby. I proceeded to bake a simple yellow cake, from my all-time favorite cooking source, America's Test Kitchen. Well, I baked it in a small round, like the size of a top tier of a wedding cake, for Baby's smash cake. Sounds good so far, right? Wrong. Wilton and America's Test Kitchen clearly do not agree on how long the cake takes to bake. Wilton said 25-30 minutes. In reality, it took almost 45. A bit of a disparity, huh? It sure does look pretty though - look:
I used the leftover batter to make some cupcakes, for us grownups to eat, and plan to make a second smash cake with the rest of the batter after this one cools off and is out of the pan. If that ever happens.

Woo! Now, all I'll have to bake tomorrow is Elmo - and let's hope that he doesn't lose an eye again!


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