Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cleaning induced time warp

It's funny, when you go through things you haven't seen in a long time. Today's cleaning project is cleaning my desk. At first, I just kind of intended to clean up the top of my desk - you know, the part everyone sees - but then I decided to go gung-ho, and really clean it out. I haven't been through it in...well, a long, long time apparently. I found paperwork from my initial student loans back in 1999. I found poems I wrote in middle school and high school. I found a copy of my high school transcript. Lots of random things. But it feels good to go through it and get rid of the things that don't really hold any sentimental value and just take up space. Like my old Palm Pilot that hasn't worked in over eight years. I need to tackle the desk again during Baby's second nap, to go through the filing cabinet drawer I have, but I feel like I really made some good progress. It feels so productive to do this, I almost wish I'd tackled it sooner.


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