Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring...or Winter Cleaning

At our house, we have one room that has become where things go to die a lonely death - the guest room closet. And by things, I mean stupid, oddball things that we own for no apparent reason. Like a sock puppet, from back in the day when there was a, with a cute sock puppet in their commercials. The best part is that everything is covered in several inches of cat fur, because our cats pretty much reside in the guest room, which is attached to the guest bathroom, which is attached to the guest closet. Confused yet? I know.

In any case, with Baby's birthday coming up, I'm in cleaning mode, and this morning I started to tackle the guest room closet. Yikes. I found some serious relics. Over 30 VHS tapes of various movies. Some of my very own baby clothes and other baby relics that my mother gave me a few years ago, that I totally forgot I had. Some of my favorite childhood books, that maybe I can try to share with Baby, assuming he doesn't rip them to shreds. This cute little red sweater dress I bought from Newport News like seven years ago, that I didn't fit into when I bought it and I still don't fit into it (yet I hung it on a hanger and smiled at it, and didn't throw it immediately in the trash). It's funny the random things you hold on to. I guess random is kind of the wrong word, because you hang on to things for some reason, whether or not it's one you recognize. Like I hang on to my some of my old stuffed animals from childhood, because when I see them, I kind of feel like a kid again, like there's someone else taking care of me, responsible for me, and I'm not an adult anymore. Sometimes that's a nice feeling. And I think that the tiny eternal optimist in me says that someday I will lose weight and fit into that cute little red dress. Just food for thought.


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