Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday cake madness: Elmo took two tries

Well, Elmo cake #1 wound up out of the pan minus two eyes and a nose. Not very pretty. So, perfectionist that I am, I had to make another, and I wasn't willing to wait until Husband came home and did the dishes for me. I was a big girl and washed the dishes myself. I baked Elmo cake #2, and it came out infinitely better. Take a look for yourself:

Obviously, Elmo #2 came out better. The difference? The way I greased the pan. I used Wilton's expensive Cake Release spray for Elmo #1. Didn't do so well. For Elmo #2, I went back to Crisco, old faithful, and greased the heck out of it, followed by some nice flour to fully coat the pan. It worked MUCH better. So much for listening to Wilton when they say to use their own products. Stay tuned for how the decorating turns out!


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