Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Woo, it's Valentine's Day! I'm a total sucker for the cute cards and candy and all of Valentine's Day, always have been. I was the kid in class who always brought cupcakes and cookies in on Valentine's Day, even into middle school. I think I stopped in high school (it certainly wasn't cool). This was our first Valentine's Day with Baby, one of his very last big day-related firsts (his birthday being the last, other than his first day of school). Baby wasn't too thrilled about the cute Valentine's Day cards he got, but he was excited to see Mommy and Daddy open their little tokens of his affection. Last week, when Baby and I were out at the mall to walk around, he told me he wanted to get his Mommy and Daddy a little something to thank them for being so awesome, and that Valentine's Day was a good occasion for that - so he picked out some nice cologne for Daddy and a new purse for Mommy. We were very happy to open our presents this morning, needless to say. We also had some nice pancakes (from the freezer, from when I made pancakes last Monday) for breakfast. I ought to get up and get started on the crab cakes for dinner. Yes, that's a pretty good idea, actually.


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