Monday, February 9, 2009

Table food for Baby

We spent the weekend working on feeding Baby more table food rather than baby food. With his first birthday fast approaching, I feel like we're a little behind on the whole finger food/table food thing. He's had those little Gerber puffs as like an appetizer or snack pretty much every day for the last four or five months, but not much beyond that for table food. So this weekend, I made him some whole wheat pancakes, and froze the extras (which will probably last all week), and have been tearing those up for breakfast. He finishes about 1/3 to 1/2 of a pancake. Then for lunch yesterday, I attempted softening an apple via the microwave and a bowl of water (effectively steaming the thing). Baby didn't care for it too much, and wound up having some plain yogurt for lunch. I finally came across a list of suggested finger or table foods for baby in "What to Expect During the First Year," so I need to work on getting some of those things in the house. I think tomorrow we might try really overdone pasta, cut up into nicely sized pieces. Stay tuned!


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