Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh, how I heart Publix

It's Things I Love Thursday (how did that happen???), and the thing I'm sharing this week is more of a place - Publix, my personal favorite grocery store. I know lots of people think Publix is more expensive, but it's not, if you shop the sales. Plus, everyone there is SO nice, and they know me and Baby, so it makes shopping much more enjoyable.

I did my usual grocery shopping at Publix this morning with Baby, after a trip to the park, and though I got some awesome deals, I got a pretty cool surprise on my receipt - an invitation to a survey! I've never seen a Publix survey! Only the first 125 customers from each store are eligible, but they're giving away $1000 gift cards, but I can't remember how many (if it said). Make sure to go visit your Publix soon, to make sure you can enter the giveaway. It would be so awesome if I won a Publix gift card! That would be so amazing. Good luck to anyone who enters!

PS - Sorry I've been MIA this week, I've been recovering from all the birthday festivities. More on that to come.


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