Friday, February 6, 2009

What's for dinner? I'm hungry already...

Well, Husband is working late tonight, so I'm on my own for dinner. I'm going to be multitasking this evening, between making some kind of treat for Husband (peanut butter cookies, I'm thinking) and making rice to refridgerate for fried rice this weekend. Never make fried rice with fresh rice - it just won't work.

So, tonight, I'm making chicken teriyaki for dinner, using a beef teriyaki recipe that I have loved over the last few weeks. Stay tuned to see how it turns out. I'm already hungry for it. I absolutely love Chinese/Japanese/Asian food. This is one of my favorite recipes. I really hope it translates to chicken nicely. I'll serve it with some hot white rice, or maybe brown, depending on how much white rice I have left in the house (I need the white rice for fried rice).

Last night, Husband ate dinner on his own, while I went out to a Mothers and More event, my very first. Husband had leftover french onion soup for dinner, and I had a banana muffin on my way out. Yum. Fortunately, it was very filling, and I abstained from the treats they had at the Mothers and More event.

Mmm, only five more hours to dinner. Can't wait!


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