Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mrs. Clean, Mrs. Clean...

Why is it that whenever my in-laws are coming over, I feel compelled to spit-polish every inch of my house? It's not as though their house is spic-and-span or anything. So what is it? Am I concerned they won't think I'm taking good enough care of their son and grandson if every surface isn't freshly dusted? Or do I worry they'll turn up their noses and leave if the kitchen counter isn't free of clutter? It's so silly, I really wish I could tell myself to stop, but instead, I've spent the last hour and half listening to my iPod (while Baby naps) and cleaning. The one place I draw the line is the guest room, known as the Cat Room.

Our two cats live the Cat Room, pretty much in fear of our dog and Baby, during all of our waking hours. They roam the house at night, but they pretty much stay to themselves, with the exception of when they're hungry or pathetically in need of attention. It is the one room in the house that I am always embarrassed of. I plan to fix that, though, before Baby's birthday comes, because Husband's best friend will be staying with us to help celebrate Baby's first birthday, and I don't want him to sleep on the couch. I hate when people sleep on the couch, they're in my way when Baby gets up wicked early, and I feel bad waking them. Guess how far I've gotten on cleaning the cat room: nowhere. I've made a list, and I have grandiose plans for overhauling the room and getting it all cleaned up, so far, I haven't really made the time to get in there and get started. Stay tuned!


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