Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Jardine...

Dear Jardine Cribs,

I'm not too thrilled with you this morning. We purchased your Olympia Lifetime crib in Natural for my son, now 13 months old, and had been quite pleased with it, outside of the fright we experienced a few months ago when you recalled a certain darker wood finish of this crib. As of Saturday night, though, you were on my S--- List.

After we put Baby to bed Saturday night, he seemed a little fussy, but not too bad. We went about having our dinner and tossing in a movie, just having a nice evening together. About forty-five minutes after putting Baby down for bed, he started wailing, and it wasn't the usual, "Crap, I woke up, Mommy" cry, it was more intense. After a few moments of discussing whether or not we should let him fuss it out, Husband went in to check on him. Once he got in there, he took one look at Baby, and called for me.

Baby was lying on his side and had his foot stuck between the slats of the crib. Husband was flustered, trying to figure out how to get his foot out, and after I looked at him, I told Husband to roll Baby's hips to turn his foot right side up. Once he did that, I was able to gently guide his foot back into the crib. Husband picked Baby up and rocked him for a moment until I took him and parked in the rocking chair, rocking and reading a few bedtime stories to help him calm down. Husband kept feeling Baby's foot and ankle to make sure there wasn't any serious damage, outside of the trauma of being stuck in a position he couldn't get out of. Baby still had that sad, hiccup-y cry in his chest going on while I read stories, but I knew I couldn't stay there forever, much as I wanted to just rock him for hours. I laid him back down in his crib and left the room with Husband. He cried for a moment or two, then fell back to sleep.

We recently took the Breathable Bumper out of Baby's crib - it seemed he was using it more to climb the crib than anything, and we didn't want to encourage that. Most of the slats, he can fit his feet through just fine, but at the corners of the crib, the slats are not as widely spread as they are everywhere else. That's exactly where Baby had his foot stuck. It seems to me that this is a serious design flaw. Below is a picture of this crib (not in our nursery) but it's hard to see this flaw without being on top of the crib.

I must say, when Baby #2 comes along some day in the future and I am crib shopping again, I will be looking very carefully at cribs. I will steering clear of cribs with this design flaw, and more than likely those that have the Jardine name. I'm so very disappointed to have found such a serious problem with this crib.

Very Grumpy Type A Mommy


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