Friday, April 3, 2009

Super Deal Alert: Attention Publix Shoppers

If you're anything like me and love to bake, it is time to take a trip to Publix this week, because they are having an awesome week of sales preceding Easter here. There are several baking staples I rely on that are on sale this week, though they aren't the kinds of things you often see coupons for to stack on top of the sales. Here's the scoop:

Ghiradelli chocolate chips - BOGO
These come in semi-sweet, milk, dark, and white at my Publix

Land o' Lakes butter - 2/$4
This is a really good deal. I bake most often with LOL unsalted butter.

Domino Premium 5 lb sugar - $1.99
Wow. There was a coupon in last weekend's paper also, for 35 cents off.

Gold Medal All Purpose flour - $1.79
Very nice. I usually like to bake with Pillsbury's All-Purpose, unbleached flour, but when the Gold Medal is $1.29 cheaper, I'll go with Gold Medal!

McCormack Pure Vanilla Extract - BOGO
Seriously???? Vanilla extract never goes on sale. Super, super deal.

Wesson Oil - vegetable, corn, and canola - BOGO
When a baking recipe calls for oil, it usually means vegetable. Awesome savings here.

So can you see why you need to go to Publix this week to stock up your baking supplies??? The best part is, that's not all. Publix is running some other great specials that you can view here. For the best rundown on what coupons to use with what deals at Publix, visit Sarah at Fiddledeedee.


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