Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Read Together 2009

Jennifer at Snapshot is hosting an awesome event right now at her blog, Read Together 2009. It's a challenge to utilize reading to connect with your children. My little guy is still fairly little, being that he's only 13 months old, but reading is still something that's very important to me. We've read bedtime and naptime stories every day, really, since he was born, but the stories in between have been intermittent. I have good days, where we read during every awake period Baby has, outside of naptime and bedtime stories, and then there are days when I realize the only stories we read were at naptime and bedtime stories. I am going to challenge myself to make sure that Baby and I read at least two stories during each awake period, outside of his naptime and/or bedtime stories. Whether that means we read in the highchair, or in the bath with a bath book, that's okay - just the simple act of committing to read more will impact Baby in such a positive way. He loves books already, especially picture books with animals or babies. Reading is something I'm so very passionate about in my own life, and I just want to share that passion with Baby - and hopefully pass it along. So stay tuned for more on my journey, and make sure to stop by and check out Snapshot along the way!


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