Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My thoughts on powdered buttermilk

Hmm...where to begin...

Okay, Husband's favorite meal ever is "brinner." (Breakfast for dinner - he got the term from "Scrubs.") So, I try to make Brinner at least once every other week if not weekly. We love buttermilk pancakes, and I have a pretty awesome recipe for them (to be posted next week). I rarely use the entire jug of buttermilk, so I thought I would try the powdered form you see in the supermarket where the dry milk is. Exhibit A:

Well, it sounded easy enough. Add the buttermilk powder in with the dry ingredients in your recipe, and add the appropriate amount of water to the batter when the recipe calls for the buttermilk. I did just that, and I wound up with the runniest pancakes I've ever seen. They were super-thin, not airy and thick the way they usually are, and they also didn't quite taste the way they normally do. For the sake of truly testing the product, I will try again, but not in pancakes - maybe I'll make Mardi Glade/Texas Cake with it sometime soon and post the results of that. The jury's still out on this. I'll definitely be buying some buttermilk next week, though, for Brinner night...


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