Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Writer Mom at Home

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Remember how I mentioned a new collaboration with Writer Mom at Home? Well, today, you get your first official introduction to Margo, Writer Mom at Home. We have done a mini five-question interview with each other and will be posting each other's interviews. Here are the questions Writer Mom at Home asked me:

1.What makes you a Type A Mommy?
2. What is the hardest part about being a mom? What is the best?
3. What one person in your life has had the most influence on you? Why?
4.What is the one kitchen product that you couldn't live without?
5. Where is the most amazing place you have ever visited?

To find out my answers, go visit Margo at Writer Mom at Home.Now, let's learn a little bit more about Writer Mom at Home, shall we...

1. Who is the Writer Mom at Home?
I am a work at home mom, with an 18 month old daughter and a wonderful husband. I am a professional writer, specializing in website content and (soon) copywriting. I love to cook, hate to clean, and spend most of my free time with my nose buried in a book. I am an aspiring novelist. I am the oldest of five children (which makes me kinda bossy), and I was raised in the country, near a small town in New York. I have worked on several farms, in a small convenience store, and as one of the top cooks in a local chain restaurant. It wasn't until after I had my daughter, though, that I was finally able to realize my dream of becoming a writer, working from home while raising my family.

2. What's your most embarrassing mommy moment thus far?
This one is tough, because I don't get easily embarrassed. The first day we took Becca out after we brought her home was to go to her three day checkup. She was jaundiced, and needed a lot of extra blood work. What was supposed to be a quick appointment ended up taking a few hours. About halfway through, she was hungry, and I hadn't thought ahead when picking out a shirt that morning. I had a tight-ish shirt that was not meant for breastfeeding. I think I flashed everyone in the waiting room while trying to get Becca settled down enough to nurse. It was my first time nursing in public, in a busy waiting room, and I just wanted to crawl under my seat and hide.

3. What are you most proud of?
There are a lot of things that I am proud of, but I think the number one thing right now is my career. I had originally decided to be a stay at home mom, and that lasted a year before the economy affected my husband's job. He started working half the hours he had been, and things got really tight. On top of that, the holidays were coming up. He was going to need to get a second job, or I was going to need to find a way to make money. I came across freelance writing information, and got started a few weeks later. I've only been writing for six or seven months, but I have made huge strides forward in my career. I never imagined that I could actually be bringing in a decent income while spending my days with my daughter, and I'm proud of myself for finding a way to bring money into the household without sacrificing the reason I left the work force to begin with.

4. What's the best part of your job?
The best part about my job, besides that it allows me to stay home with my daughter, is that I am constantly learning new things. I am very curious, and I like to know a little bit about everything. In the last week, I learned how to jump start a car, treat a sinus infection with a nasal rinse, and advertise a website. I also learned the best way to wash windows and how to become a monk. I've written about hundreds of things, and I have all sorts of weird little facts I can pull out at a moments notice. I spend all day learning about things that I wouldn't have thought to look up on my own.

5. What's the hardest part of motherhood in your opinion?
I think the hardest part of motherhood doing is anything that makes my daughter cry. I hate saying no, I hate disciplining. I do it, because it is part of the job, but I don't like it. Holding her down for shots just kills me. I hate seeing her unhappy and knowing that I can't do anything to fix it, whether it is because I have to say no to something or because she is sick and miserable. She is definitely a mommy's girl. She has me totally wrapped around her little finger.

Now, don't forget to go visit Writer Mom at Home to see Margo's interview with me, and make sure to take a look around while you're there. She's a pretty insightful blogger, there's a lot to enjoy.

P.S. - Stay tuned for the miserable details of yesterday's attempt to move Baby to a one nap schedule.


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What a neat idea! I can't wait to read your interview!

I was stopping by to thank you for coming over on my SITS day! I loved reading your comments!

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