Sunday, April 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for April 6th

It's another Menu Plan Monday already! How time flies!

Monday - Buttermilk Pancakes (made for the first time with powdered buttermilk - stay tuned!)
Tuesday - TBA - We're going to a Broadway show!! (Broadway tour, that is)
Wednesday - Pasta and garlic bread
Thursday - Beef teriyaki and white rice
Friday - Burgers and seasoned fries
Saturday - Baked chicken, gravy, biscuits, and mashed potatoes (one of my faves!)
Sunday - Whiskey glazed pork chops (new recipe)

Last week's menu went okay, with one major exception. The broiled steaks Sunday night were yucky. The recipe called for making a thyme/dijon mustard compound butter, which I did, but wow, was it way, way too much thyme. Ick. Husband didn't like the flavor of broiled steaks, either - he called it a "charred" flavor. Oh well. I tried. I did, however, make up (sort of) a new recipe for a side to go along with it. I obviously couldn't broil baked potatoes, so I had to come up with another side dish. We love the stupid recipe for onion roasted potatoes, on the back of the Lipton Onion dip mix, and I make it a lot. I decided to make it on the stovetop last night, and it went quite well. I chopped up the potatoes, I heated up the olive oil in a 10 inch skillet to medium, and threw the potatoes in. I coated them first with the hot oil, let them sit over the heat for about 10 minutes, then added in the onion soup packet and mixed well. Then I just stirred as needed and cooked them to our desired doneness. They were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, way different than they usually are with the roasting method (some of them wind up being soft, some rock hard, some crisp). Here's a peek:

This week will be an interesting one, I'm trying one new recipe (whiskey glazed pork chops) and doing one of my most favorite recipes ever (baked chicken) which I'll be sharing with loads of pictures. I'm also trying a new pantry staple out tonight, powdered buttermilk. My pancake recipe calls for buttermilk, and I never wind up using the whole jug, so I thought I'd try to the powdered variety. I've tried souring the milk with lemon juice, and it doesn't come close to what regular buttermilk tastes like in the recipe, so stay tuned for a review of powdered buttermilk.

So what's on your menu this week? Don't forget to share it with the Org Junkie, who hosts the busiest blog meme I've ever seen with Menu Plan Mondays!


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