Thursday, April 16, 2009

This whole white text on black background nonsense

Husband keeps harping on me about the new layout of Type A Mommy, and well, I thought I'd poll you guys. What do you think about the white text on a black background? Is it harder to read? Would you rather see Type A Mommy with black text on a white background? I'm not 200% attached to this new design yet, so if I need to change it, now's the time.

So tell me, dear readers and followers - what do you think? Speak now or forever hold your peace!


Mrs. C said...

Sometimes it isn't bothersome and then other times the text seems to "bounce around." I really love you blog though and it's super cute. Whatever you decide to do will look great!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your feedback! This is exactly what I need to hear from my dear readers, seeing as though Husband only reads my blog when he gets around to it (workaholic that is he and all). Hmm, perhaps I will take a look at some of the other templates I sort of liked and see if any will fit the Type A Mommy mold...after I get over this horribly evil cold, that is...

Mrs. C said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog too. I know it's not always interesting.

Well I know comments on my blog seriously make my day so I try to return the favor - I guess that makes me a total dork too!

I haven't found them in store yet either. We always have them at work and they are killer! I asked the guy who buys the food and he said he's seen them around. I'll let you know if I see them anywhere. Tell him it's a matter of life and death and you NEED those mint bars!

Happy Friday!

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