Sunday, November 15, 2009

MSC: Candied Sweet Potato Cupcakes

How did it get to be the 15th already? I opened my journal this morning, wrote today's date, and had a total freakout because I realized I hadn't yet made my MSC cupcakes! Eek! I get up early, so I quickly scrubbed my sweet potatoes and tossed them in the oven, and managed to get my cupcakes in the oven by 9 o'clock. Phew. It's been a busy week or so around my house. Between the garage sale we held on Saturday, my first Wilton cake decorating class on Thursday night and just general insanity the rest of the week.

So...on to the cupcakes. I'm not a huge sweet potato fan. In fact, if Karen hadn't picked the Candied Sweet Potato Cupcakes for this month, I'm quite certain I would have never baked them. Fortunately, my husband likes sweet potatoes, so I'm hopeful that he'll like them. As a result, I did halve the recipe, which seemed to work out just fine.

I skipped the candied pecans for two reasons - not kid-friendly in my house (my munchkin can't have nuts yet, and I have a feeling he will totally dig these cupcakes) and my husband isn't super-big on pecans. And the most important third reason? I was in a rush.

And by the way, I totally suck at using my kitchen torch. I do indeed own one - it was on my registry when I got married several years ago. This marks the second time that I've used it. Needless to say, I did more burning than browning the marshmallows. Argh. Oh well, here was my prettiest attempt:

Will I make these again? Probably not. But I suppose it's good to know that I need WAY more practice with my kitchen torch!

See what I mean?


Megan said...

Aren't kitchen torches fun? That reminds me, I need to check the butane level in mine..

Anyways, for a last minute job I think they look great. I wish all of my rushed baking projects turned out so well.

Sherry G said...

Wow! I just found your blog and took some time to read through it and it's really great! The recipes, ideas and books are fabulous. Keep it up=) Your cupcakes still look great even if your torching wasn't lol.

Janine said...

What else did you use your torch for? I just broiled - because that's all I have.

Your burnt picture made me laugh - mostly because while broiling, one of my marshmallow mountains actually caught on fire. Oops.

And I'm with you on the final verdict...I won't make these again.

Candice said...

Hey, we all need a bit of carbon/char in our system every once in a while! Usually, i'll get my fill of it when I burn the toast :/ but no worries! It's all part of the experience! Glad you got a chance to use your torch again! (i've yet to buy one after baking all these years.))

Eleanor said...

Personally, I prefer my marshmellows charred, so they look about right to me!

How did they taste?

Not sure about the combo...

k.a.r.e.n said...

Thanks for baking along with me this month. Sorry the topping didnt work out for you... at least you tried, unlike me, who totally didnt attempt the marshmellow topping.

Tracey said...

I laughed like crazy at the comment you left on my site about these cupcakes :) I think using the broiler for the marshmallow topping was actually much easier than a torch. I tried my torch first and couldn't get them to melt. Hope these were enjoyed in your house!

Clivia said...

I wasn't sure about sweet potato cupcakes either. It's good to try things once. Yours look delicious!

Cupcakes and Sundry said...

I tried the torch and the oven worked a lot better. Your cupcakes look nice and moist! Thanks for baking along with me this month. Can't wait to see December's outcomes.

Judy said...

lol. yeah, kitchen torches are scary. i've never used mine since acquiring it because i'm too scared to turn it on. lol been meaning to try creme brulee for like months now but haven't gotten up the courage to do so yet. hehe.

SUGAR B said...

I love your dedication to this club! The fact that you made these gives you many gold stars in my book!

I ignored Martha's suggestion of blow-torches and use the oven broiler instead. Much better results.

Thanks for baking along with us this month. You totally rock!

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