Monday, August 10, 2009

Another new fitness class: Muscle Up!

Today, my friends and I tried out the Muscle Up class at the Y. I got there first, and chatted with two women who were class regulars about the class, and they told me that the class was basically a muscle toning class, rather than cardio. This excited me, because the jumping jacks and rope jumping cardio from last week's circuit training class really killed me (I apparently need a more supportive sports bra).

This class was really tough. It worked my abs, for the first time in God-knows-when. My lovely little C-section tummy pouch kept getting in the way of my ab crunches, actually. Very odd sensation. There were tons of squats, not to mention squats that we would hold for obscenely long periods of time. There was some step work with weights, lots of curls and flys and other weight-lifting kinds of things.

It was a serious workout. There was a lot of sweat, but no tears - although I considered them once or twice during the evil squats. It was definitely tough, but I was able to walk out of there without falling over and I was able to pick up my munchkin afterward, so it must not have been quite as hard as I'm making it out to be. I have a feeling I'll be pretty sore tomorrow, but we'll see. Time will tell.

On the bright side (sort of), I have to buy some new capris - I have shrunk a size at this point (yay!) but my thinner clothes seem to skip a size, so I need something for the in-between time. The idea of having to buy smaller clothes is nice, but I hate having to buy something that I'm planning/hoping to not wear for long. Oh well.

And BTW, my bread smells freaking awesome!!


ModernMom said...

Holy cow! Congrats on the new capris! You rock...

Together We Save said...

Good job. Already needing new clothes. Thats a good sign.

Native American Momma said...

I got this great Bra from REI it zipped up the front and was really great. Good Job on your success!

Colleen said...

Woohoo!! You go girl :)

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