Friday, August 21, 2009

VGNO: The Vacation Edition


I haven't been participating in the Virtual Girls' Night Outs that Ann's been doing the last few Fridays, honestly, because I've got less naptime on my hands over here. Baby is officially taking one nap a day now, so I've lost an hour to an hour and a half of "mom time" and I'm still trying to figure out how to get everything done in a shorter period of time. But I've been wanting to participate! I've missed you guys!

This week, Ann's talking about vacation time. I haven't taken a vacation in a long time. I'm not entirely sure that I miss that, because I wouldn't want a vacation without my kiddo, and that would be a lot of work, surely. On the bright side, though, Husband is taking a week off very soon, and we'll get to have a bit of a stay-cation with lots of family time. Hopefully we won't drive each other batty.

The best part of him taking some vacation time is that hopefully I can have some vacation time, too, and get some things done, try some new recipes and handle some projects I've put off (like dealing with my closet!). And I have a feeling I'll wind up baking some super yummy donuts for breakfast here and there!

Ann's got a fun little game for VGNO...

"The Name Game"

Use the first letter of your name to answer the questions. Your answers need to be real places, names and things. Nothing made up :-> (You cannot use your name for #3 boy/girl "name" question.)

1. What is your name: Elizabeth

2. A 4 Letter Word: Eats

3. A Boys Name: Edgar

4. A Girls Name: Elyse

5. An Occupation: Elephant handler

6. A Color: Emerald

7. Something you wear: Earrings

8. A Beverage: Egg nog (ewww - here's an egg nog true story: as a kid, one Christmas, I woke up in the middle of the night to have a glass of milk, go to the fridge and there's already a glass poured, so I take a sip, and ewww! It's egg nog! I spit it all over the floor and had to clean it up)

9. A Food: Eggplant

10. Something found in the bathroom: Excedrin

11. A place: Edinburgh, Scotland

12. A Reason for being late: Earache (this is pathetic!)

13. Something you shout: Errr!


Martha in PA said...

Happy VGNO. Yum, I love egg nog and so does my 12 year old, she can't wait until it is in the stores. It's one of those things!

Lizzie said...

love these "E" words :) being an Elizabeth myself.

and yeah Eggnog is SO GROSS!!

I am Harriet said...

Must have been 100% real Eggnog...too much to handle for a kid in the middle of the night.
Happy VGNO!

Kristen said...

I love eggnog...the more rum the better :)

Earache is pretty pathetic...but I am sure it has been used before. And it's not like my answer was better.

Happy VGNO

Native American Momma said...

Happy VGNO okay momma you have to do things when she is not sleeping or you'll not get it all done. Soon though the baby'll be a toddler and "helping" you out.

Mandala Michelle said...

Glad you found a little "Me Time". Babies are hard, but that is why they are so cute.

Kris said...

I haven't had much VGNO time in the past few weeks either! I feel your pain!

Lady Mama said...

Ah, I miss nap time. My toddler stopped just before he turned 2. And as for vacations - enjoy your staycation! We've been doing one this week.

ModernMom said...

Well done!
(not an egg nog lover myself lol )

Shop with Me Mama said...

Happy VGNO! :)

Beverley Baird said...

Happy VGNO - glad you got a little time for you!

Tania said...

Happy VGNO!

Gena said...

Nice list! Happy VGNO

JulieChats said...

Good luck with the napping thing, ours changes every day!

Happy VGNO! Stopping by late again....

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