Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cardio on Crack a.k.a. Step-n-Core

Today's session was by far the most killer so far. I'm still recovering, four hours later. I'm fighting a headache, which I suspect was brought on by all the bouncing, and I feel sore all over. I'm a little afraid to see how I'll feel tomorrow.

Today's class started innocently enough - we just were doing a basic step routine at first. Yes, it was a little fast, but it wasn't until the choreography started to get complicated that I really started to have a hard time. The music was so fast, and I would just get so behind, between how tricky the steps were and how totally exhausted I felt, even just fifteen minutes into the class. It was some seriously hardcore cardio, that's for sure. The instructor was the peppiest person I think I've ever come in contact with in reality, and yesterday's over-enthusiastic exerciser was in attendance, also, which was super fun.

We also spent a good bit of time working on our core, with various crunches, and some work on the balance ball. I have a hard time with those things. I'm always convinced that I'm going to fall off the damn thing. That even happened to someone in the class today! She just slid right off and landed on her butt. Poor thing.

We were doing these butt exercises, where we were supposed to slide off the ball and touch our butts to the ground and then push back up. It was really, seriously hard. Definitely a good butt workout.

Tomorrow, we're headed back to Salsa, which I'm looking forward to. That was the most fun workout so far, by a mile!


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