Monday, August 31, 2009

Ribs on the Barbie

For yesterday's dinner, I made country style boneless ribs on the barbie. I love barbecued pork. I would eat ribs for dinner every night if I could. By the way, when did pork get expensive? I don't remember it being so darn pricey! Made-at-home ribs really aren't very hard and really ought to be made very, very often. Here's a super easy recipe to follow:

Ribs on the Barbie
(No picture because they were too yummy!)
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1 bottle your favorite barbecue sauce
2 pounds country style pork ribs (boneless)

Put the ribs in a large pot with a lid, barely cover with water, cover and bring to a boil. Once they boil, turn the heat to low, put the lid back on, and leave them for an hour. Take the ribs out and dry them on some paper towels. Try not to look at them, they're kind of gross-looking when they're boiled. But, from what I've read, boiling ribs is what makes sure that they stay tender.

Next, heat up your grill nice and hot. The goal is to baste and flip the meat often, for about 20 minutes. The basting lets you build layers of flavor, and since barbecue sauce has a ton of sugar in it, the sauce can burn if you don't turn it frequently.

Then, polish off those ribs with whatever fixings you like with your barbecue. Definitely a yummy dinner!


ModernMom said...

We had ribs this weekend too. LOVE them:)

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