Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Personal Training Day Eleven: The Total Body Workout

Today was our last day of training for a few weeks - our trainer is going on vacation for a few weeks. It was exciting and scary at the same time. I really love the feeling of obligation to the get to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30. Without my trainer around, I'm not sure how good I will be about going at least twice a week. I sure hope I do well. We're going to try to go to some fitness classes to get in some good cardio while our trainer's away, so stay tuned - we start with Salsa on Thursday!

Since it was our last day, our trainer made sure to work our whole body, and I hate to admit it, but it was almost easy, in a way. I had a much easier time with everything that we did. Definitely an easier time than the first session we had! I definitely feel stronger than I did before I got started, although I haven't lost a ton of weight. Our trainer keeps saying that muscle weighs more than fat. She keeps telling me that it looks like I've lost weight, but the scale sure doesn't seem to show it.

Have I mentioned the crazy idea my dearest friend has had? This is pretty darn funny. She's one of the girls I'm training with, and she mentioned to us some kind of mud obstacle course last week not too far away. In my head, I pictured the obstacle course from Ninja Warrior...have you ever seen that show? Hilarious.

Anyway, that's what I had in mind. So then, my friend sent out an email to all of us, along with a link to the information about it. It's called the Muddy Buddy race, and not only is it an obstacle course, but it's also 6.2 miles of running and biking! Seriously???!!! I mean, I am in better shape, but I'm not in triathlon shape yet! Yikes!


Liz said...

Ooooh! Oooooh! I did the Muddy Buddy...twice! My husband and I did the one in Orlando. It is THE BEST event ever. I HIGHLY suggest it!!! And trust me, it is, by far, the "friendliest" event you will ever do. Costumes, newbies, fun all around. Not the least bit intimidating!!!

Lizzie said...

cool! i think you should give it a try :) loved the video too!

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