Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cake update

OK, the cake is in the oven, but it claims a very short baking period, so I won't have time to post the recipe until after the cake is done, but it is in the oven!! I did take a quick lick of the batter, and it tasted quite similar to my mom's recipe, though the consistency was quite fudgier (not a bad thing). The mixing method was radically different from my mom's recipe, and hurt my wrist a big - this recipe calls for whisking everything, and apparently, I need to buy a more sturdy balloon whisk, because mine was taking a serious beating from this batter. Phew! Now I need to rest my wrist in preparation for preparing the frosting. I can't wait. The frosting is my favorite part - many of my childhood memories are of me in the kitchen with my mom, baking. In particular, I would argue with my father, if he were home, as to who got to lick the saucepan that the frosting got prepared in. Good stuff.


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