Saturday, March 14, 2009

Did you see Jon Stewart grill Jim Cramer?????

I love Jon Stewart. He is the future of political journalism, in my book. He not only makes politics interesting and funny, but he asks the right questions. He did that again this week on "The Daily Show" when he took Jim Cramer (you know, the "Mad Money" guy who's always yelling on CNBC) to task for the horrible financial advice that CNBC and Jim Cramer himself have offered to Americans over the last six months as our economy has gone to crap. It is a fine example of what journalism should be - you have to remember the man is thinking on his feet, and firing hard-hitting questions again and again, which is something most journalists don't ever get a chance to do. If you haven't seen the show, I totally recommend you visit the Daily Show blog, where you can view a three-part, unedited version of the interview. It is journalism gold. It's like what happened when David Frost interviewed Richard Nixon, after Watergate, but for our generation.

Here's the link: Click here

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