Friday, March 27, 2009

The Friday Five for March 27th

Well, TGIF! No, really, thank goodness it's Friday. For me, Friday always signals that I'm about to get a little bit of a Baby-break, because Husband pitches in so much on the weekends. Granted, that break is usually spent knee-deep in laundry, but I appreciate it all the same. This has been an interesting week, so I had to dig to find five moments to treasure for the week...but here they are:

1. Husband coming home early from his business trip
2. Our Toys R Us adventure last weekend as a family, with Baby's first walking around in a store
3. Husband cake - yum!
4. Baby saying "doggie" at My Gym in front of the teacher, who was shocked and awed at how well he said it
5. Finishing another notebook filled with my ramblings, also known as a journal, and starting a new one (I know, I'm a dork)

Here's hoping next week will be full of more memories and moments to be proud of!


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