Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Kind of belated post, I know - but it is still Thursday, though not by much.

What do I love this week? Internet TV.,, the whole nine yards. Husband and I cut the cord with the cable recently, and are surviving with a high-tech antenna attached to the house (don't get me started on the whole antenna business) and over-the-air digital TV signals. The few shows that we can't tune in with the TV we can mostly catch online, with the exception of one of my favorite guilty-pleasure reality shows - "The Bad Girls Club."

Not only are we saving money because of this, but we get to skip most of the commercials altogether with Internet TV. So far the only drag is that sometimes you see the same commercial 15 times. Yesterday, I watched "The Real World" online, and saw a preview for "I Love You, Man" at every commercial break. There were five of them, so I saw the trailer five times. I may never see this movie as a result. There's also a Honda Civic commercial that drives me crazy that seems to be making the rounds on both and I have to say, though, seeing the same commercial repeatedly really isn't a huge deal in comparison to the money we're saving, so I'll bite the bullet for now.

This was really an experiment for me and Husband, but I'd have to say it's going well thus far. We've cut down on our TV watching now that we have Baby, which is a good thing. We don't watch TV until after he goes to bed, or after he's down for a nap. It's not that I think TV is the devil or anything, but I'd rather Baby be playing than watching TV, if I can avoid it. Anyway, I think this might be an experiment that turns out to be pretty darn worthwhile. And heck, I'm kind of enjoying the freedom of Internet TV watching - it's kind of like getting one over on the cable company, which is kind of fun. Give it a try - see what the over-the-air signals in your neighborhood are like. Tampa is notoriously bad for over-the-air signals, hence all the antenna drama I alluded to earlier, but from what I've read online, in most cities, it's a totally do-able thing. Good luck!


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