Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff wasn't a recipe I was familiar with until I grew up. I always knew it as noodles and mushrooms as a kid. It was actually one of my favorite things to eat back then. And, interestingly enough, I didn't even have the mushroom version. My parents did, but my mom would make a separate pan for me without the mushrooms - I've never been a fan, even as a kid. It's the texture that creeps me out. I don't hate the flavor they give, but I definitely don't want one in my mouth. Husband's the same way, so I skip the mushrooms when I make beef stroganoff. If one mushroom were to happen to wind up on his plate, I think he'd never forgive me, so my beef stroganoff isn't quite as tasty as my mom's was. Oh well.

Beef Stroganoff

2 pounds top round steak or London broil (should serve 4-6 people)
3 medium-sized yellow onions and a tbsp of olive oil
1 carton button mushrooms (I always skip these!)
1 container sour cream (not the smallest - but the one just larger)
2 Knorr beef stock cubes and half a cup of water
Egg noodles to serve with

1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Slice onions and fry on medium heat in a large pot with a tablespoon of olive oil and a dash of salt for about five minutes. Set aside.
3. Slice beef into thin strips about 2 inches long.
4. In small portions, put beef in hot pot; sear and set aside. Repeat until all beef has beef has been seared (2-3 minutes, tops!).
5. Slice mushrooms in half.
6. Turn heat off your burner. Combine all onions, mushrooms and beef in pot.
7. Heat up about half a cup of water in the microwave and dissolve the two Knorr stock cubes in the water. Add to pot. Add four heaping spoonfuls of sour cream and mix it all up.
8. Add salt and pepper to taste. Don't be tempted to add any more water; it may look dry, but a lot of water is going to come out of the onions, mushrooms and steak.
9. Cover with lid, put in oven, and cook for about an hour in a half. When it's done, stir in two more heaping spoonfuls of sour cream and you're done!

Serve atop hot egg noodles and enjoy!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I'm good with mushrooms! And I love that this is easy ...and doesnt have a lot of odd thickeners that add bizarre textures... The other thing is I love knorr products. I think they have great flavor - natural too.

I will totally make this - WITH MUSHROOMS ! Hope you dont mind about the mushrooms :)


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I saw your comment and LOL! And I forgot to say - love the way you write recipes - not the smallest container, the one bigger. Have to admit that gave me a giggle because I write them the same way. Most people are very specific - how many ounces, what size spoon - at what exact's too short and most things in cooking (not baking- but I dont go there) dont have to be that exact... but that makes most people crazy. I love it!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

K, probably won't catch me making this, but the cinnamon rolls below? All over that one!

Muse in the Kitchen said...

This looks nice and easy, perfect for when it's my turn to cook! ~ Belle

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