Saturday, October 24, 2009

Swine Flu Quarantine Day One

After a stressful morning during which Baby went from normal to practically catatonic within the span of five hours, we discovered yesterday afternoon that Baby has the swine flu. And an ear infection. When it rains, it pours, you know. So we are officially on Swine Flu Quarantine island, cooped up in the house with a sometimes-okay, sometimes-inconsolable toddler who doesn't understand why he doesn't feel good. Definitely not my idea of a good time. Then again, I'm pretty sure that Baby and Husband just as displeased with being housebound.

I must say, it was awfully scary to see how quickly things went downhill for Baby, but at the same time, I'm so relieved at how lucky we are that it's not worse. Baby is home with us, not in a hospital, he's responding well to the ear drops and antibiotics for his ear infection, and Motrin is keeping his fever at bay thus far.

The first several hours after diagnosis, but before medicine, were awfully difficult. Baby was just inconsolable, just wanted me and to be on top of me, mainly. We turned on the TV after the visit to the pediatrician, which is a luxury for him because we don't let him watch it much, but it seemed to be the only thing that would distract him from how he felt. He had zero interest in talking or playing, and was so tired that at one point he fell asleep on me. He hasn't done that since he was a tiny infant. And as much as I enjoyed being that close to him again, it was ridiculously uncomfortable, now that he's 20 pounds bigger than he was back then.

Once we got him started on the various medications and he was able to keep them down, things brightened considerably. This morning, he has been much, much better, albeit tired and definitely still cranky. But he actually wanted to play. He wanted to walk around, he wanted to play with his toys, so that was a big relief. I'm certainly hoping the worst is over, and that Husband and I can manage to stay healthy, so cross your fingers for us. I'll keep you guys posted throughout our quarantine, and then hopefully things can get back to normal!


Colleen said...

Oh, the poor little guy!! Did you get him vaccinated? We are trying to decide if we should or not, I definitely want to be safe either way :)

Elizabeth said...

Admittedly, we weren't sure what we were going to do about the vaccine - only the FluMist version is available where we live for kids at the moment, and he's too young for that, so my decision was on hold when this happened. From what I've read, getting the swine flu should prevent him from catching it again, so I guess we dodged a bullet on deciding on the vaccine. Good luck either way - I wish I knew what the right answer was!

Colleen said...

Thanks for responding. Our pediatrician wants us to do it, so I think we will, but we are waiting for their office to get some more in. We'll see if they get it in time.

kyooty said...

I hope you all feel better soon.


oh my oh my! i hope the little guy recovers quickly!!!

ModernMom said...

OMG I have been out of it for a few days and not able to get around to all my fave bloggers!
Hope you and yours are better soon:)

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