Monday, October 26, 2009

Swine Flu Quarantine Day Three

Seriously, is the quarantine over yet? Not only are we are suffering from a serious case of the stir crazies, but if we don't get to leave the house soon, I might just eat it. Yes, I eat when I'm bored. I also bake when I'm bored. Thus far, I've made cinnamon muffins (yum - think a cinnamon roll in a muffin, minus the frosting) and a big Mardi Glade cake.

Yesterday, we skipped a dose of Motrin, because Baby was having a holy mother of God fit when we tried to give it to him before naptime, and sure enough, when he woke up, his fever had spiked back up to 102. So clearly, he's still sick. He was feeling pretty puny after that, so we parked it on the couch and tried to watch a movie with him. He really loved saying "movie," but he didn't love the movie he picked ("The Muppet Movie"). Ultimately, we turned on "Elmo in Grouchland," which he liked very much.

He's been awfully crabby. I think more because of the stir craziness than because he's feeling yucky, because I think once he's had the ear drops in his ears (once we survive that ordeal, that is), and he has some Motrin in his system, he feels mostly okay. I mean, he feels okay enough to color (or "cuggle" as he calls it) for long periods of time. He even demands that Husband and I try to draw some of his favorite characters on his coloring paper. Try, being the operative word there. Really. That child has far more artistic skill than his father and I put together.

Can't you see Muno and Brobee there? Oh yes, Baby scribbled all over them...

At least Husband is still home with us - and rightly so, from what I've read. Baby will be shedding the flu virus (according to the CDC) until 24 hours after his fever finally ends, so we're all potentially contagious until then. I mean, if Husband were off at work, and out of the house, I think I might just tear my hair out. Baby has these moments where he more resembles some kind of screaming banshee than my normally sweet little boy, so it's been tough these last few days. Really tough. Admittedly, I don't know how I would've done this if Husband were out of town. I know I'd just do it, and get through it, but man, it would be way harder.

Is it awful that I'm a little frustrated that the swine flu is keeping me from the Y? Probably, right? Well, I do own an elliptical in our guest room. I ought to roll it out and use it today, and not just use the swine flu as an excuse to slack off on working out, especially since I've been so good about it lately. And so bad about eating these last few days. Stay tuned to see if I manage to dust off the elliptical!!


Colleen said...

Oh, Poor guy! Have you tried mixing his medicine in his juice? Hope he gets over this soon. Prayers and hugs :)

ModernMom said...

I like Colleens idea! Loved Elmo is Grouchland...wonder if my 8 and 10 year old would watch it again>
Hugs to the babe.

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